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Attack on Shri. Milind Ekbote

Attack on Shri. Milind Ekbote by fanatic butchers condemned

Kolhapur (Maharashtra) : Shri. Milind Ekbote, the President of ‘Pratapgad Utsav Samiti’ and Chief of ‘Gou-raksha Abhiyan’ was brutally attacked by butchers. The attack was condemned in strong words in a meeting held by VHP and Bajarang Dal and a representation was submitted by pro-Hindu activists to Zonal Police Officer, S. Chaitanya demanding stringent action against the attackers.

Shri. Milind Ekbote was brutally attacked by armed butchers at Borgaon (Dist. Satara) on Pune – Bengaluru Highway. Shri. Ekbote and his colleague had cleverly extracted themselves from that attack. There have been instances of social activists being attacked even earlier.

Shri. Ekbote has undertaken ‘Gou-raksha abhiyan (drive for protection of cows)’ with lot of vigour; therefore, Muslim butchers are attacking him. The concerned attackers should be immediately arrested; else intense agitations would be staged, is the warning given by pro-Hindu activists. Sadguru Bal Maharaj, Shri. Jawahar Chhabra, Shri. Amar Mane, Shri. Vaibhav Phadanis, Shri. Abhijit Sutar, Shri. Bhagatram Chhabra, Shri. Santosh Hattikar, Shri. Dilip Mangaonkar, Shri. Banda Jadhav, Shri. Sarjerao Kumbhar, Shri. Shivaji Vyas, Shri. Datta Patil, Shri. Anil Satpute and Shri. Prakash Pote were some of the devout Hindus who attended the meeting.

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