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Gau Raksha Andolan

What is Gau Raksha Andolan?

Gau Raksha Andolan is a major movement run by Bhartiya Gau Raksha Dal for the protection o cows. There are people galore who do not know the truthful importance of mother-cow. The culmination of human cruelty on religious beliefs and on acutely important living organism is cow slaughter. All cow devotees should come forward and first save the almighty – cow from slaughter. Then we should extend our support for construction and maintenance of Gaushala (cow shelter) for destitute cows. Huge number of person should support the individual or the society who is devotedly serving, caring and protecting cows so that such initiatives are not defeated and the mother-cow is cared at utmost level. Such collective effort is same as all fingers of the hand working together and easily lifting the weight which is highly difficult for a single finger to lift. By service mother-cow, we can be blessed by Lord Krishna and can make our life felicitous.


Cow is the animal in this world which has religious, nutritional and medicinal importance in unison. Such culmination and concurrence of essential characters are not found in any other animal.