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Gau Sewa Abhiyan

What is Gau Sewa Abhiyan?

Gau Sewa Abhiyan is a Cow caring movement by Bhartiya Gau Raksha Dal and it is a volunteer organization.

” कैसी राजनीति, कैसा ज़माना है आ गया , हमारी आन में कोई हक़ का ज़हर मिला गया
बनती थी पहली रोटी जहाँ गाय के लिए , उस देश में रोटी से कोई गाय खा गया “

” जो देश भक्त है वो गौ हत्यारा नहीं हो सकता
और जो गौ हत्यारा है वो मेरे देश का नहीं हो सकता “

Why Gau Sewa Abhiyan?

Our Main Objective
To work for the welfare of the cows & to protect them from the slaughters.
To conserve cows and provide them with the required treatment, shelter & fodder.
To operate Gau Shala’s in the different parts of the country.
To operate hospitals for the treatment of cows.
To prepare & promote cow products for the human welfare on no profit basis.
To raise objection on the exploitation of the animals in cinematography.

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