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Fanatics attack ‘Gou-rakshaks’ for stopping a tempo transporting beef !

Nalasopara-Maharashtra : Fanatics attack ‘Gou-rakshaks’ for stopping a tempo transporting beef !

 IMG_0259Nalasopara (Maharashtra) : Few activists of ‘Gouvansh Raksha Samiti’ stopped a tempo on 1st February at 9.45 a.m. that was transporting beef. It was found that large quantity of beef was loaded in this tempo; therefore, the ‘Gou-rakshaks’ brought the tempo to Nalasopara police station. During this happening, local fanatics made allegations against ‘Gou-rakshaks’ and started armed attack on ‘Gou-rakshaks’. Devout Hindu ‘Gou-rakshaks’ also gave apt reply to them.

Both the sides have lodged complaints with police accusing each other and there is tension in Nalasopara area due to which the area is kept under strict police surveillance.

1. The tempo carrying beef had come from Akluj. Khalid Sheikh was the driver of this tempo. The tempo was stopped at Bhandar Lane and it was found transporting beef.

2. Khalid did not have necessary papers related to his vehicle; therefore, the ‘Gou-rakshaks’ asked him to take the tempo to Nalasopara police station. The owner of the tempo named Ansari reached there. He abused Shri. Vaibhav Raut, a ‘gou-rakshak’ and charged at Shri. Raut, therefore, Shri. Raut tried to defend himself. Few fanatics attacked Hindus and even Hindu women at that time.

3. More than 300 Muslims gathered there to help Khalid.

4. As a result, even Gou-rakshaks and Hindutva-vadis reached there in equal number.

5. Gou-rakshaks brought the driver and owner of the tempo to Nalasopara police station.

6. Additional Police Superintendent Shrikrushna Kokate also reached there. Additional police force was called from Vasai and Virar; besides, police from Rapid Action Force.

7. Thereafter, police paraded in the area for an hour to show their strength. There was tension in the area till afternoon.

8. Shri. Vaibhav Raut lodged a complaint against the driver and owner of tempo for beating him; therefore, Muslim driver also lodged similar complaint against Shri. Raut.

9. Local Hindu women have also lodged complaint about their being attacked by fanatics.

10. Warning has been given to stage agitations if police filed false cases against ‘Gou-rakshaks’.

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