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What is Gau Shala?

Gaushala is an Indian shelter for homeless or unwanted cattle that often also serves as a center for breed improvement and for study of bovine nutrition and welfare.


Earlier, every village in India had a gousala.
Deshi cows were protected and bred for pedigree purpose (to maintain original breeds in different climatic situation)
In every aspect, the cow is beneficial to man - the milk provides the required nutrition to the entire family, natural fertilizers and pesticides are manufactured from deshi cow dung. Deshi cow urine or Go-mutra is distilled for Ayurvedic medicinal purposes.
Cow dung is also used to line the floor and walls of buildings owing to its insect repellent properties.
In villages, in the cold weather, cow dung is used to line the walls of houses as a thermal insulator.
The dung is used for biogas and to generate electricity and heat.
The gas is a rich source of methane and is used in Rural areas of India to provide a renewable and stable source of electricity.
Revert to traditional, successful, low-cost farming methods.
Saving farmers from a life of hardship and debt.
One cow is able to provide food to 410,440 people during her life time, while her meat is sufficient for only 80 people.
One cow is sufficient to manure unto 30 acres of land

Anyone interested in opening a Gaushala may contact us

If you are Non- profitable trust & wants to start a Gaushala Ashram for street Cow to give them shelter & treatment ,our mail purpose is to stop killing /slaughter for cow meat then you can contact us.

We will suggest you how to proceed further.