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The gau rakshak movement is not new

Pawan Pandit Says to rajdeep sardesai on india today The gau raksha 400-year-old movement

Pawan Pandit, chairman, Bharatiya Gau Raksha Dal, about the Alwar incident, gau rakshaks and the BJP’s failure to protect cows. The Supreme Court has issued a notice to the Centre and five state governments on gau rakshaks. How would you react? First, we will have to see the grounds on which the Supreme Court has sent this notice. Second, is to see how the Congress party will gain political mileage from this. The gau rakshak movement is not new — it is a 400-year-old movement. We raised the issue of cow slaughter in India, but today the goal post has moved. Today, questions are being raised on gau rakshaks. The Una incident was made out to be an anti-Dalit issue by them (the Congress party), while the Dadri issue was made out to be an anti-Muslim issue. People have died and gau rakshaks are responsible. I will give you 50 examples in the last five years where gau rakshaks have died because of cow smugglers. They shot gau rakshaks and killed them, but there are no debates in India when that happens. The gau rakshak movement is not related to Hindus. The Arya Samaj initiated gau raksha. Namdhari Sikhs do it to simply protect cows. Even the Mughal emperor Babur spoke about cow protection though he was anti-Hindu. There is a history of cow protection in India and therefore cow smuggling and cow slaughter have to be stopped.

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